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SPEEDLAN 9000 Series

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SPEEDLAN® 9000 series broadband wireless routers offer unsurpassed flexibility in meeting the challenges of designing, building, and managing today’s fixed wireless networks. By allowing the user to choose between star, mesh, or a point-to-point deployment, the SPEEDLAN 9000 provides a platform which can grow with your business and is easily re-deployed as your needs may change.

Expand Your Current Wireless Network Coverage
Do you already have a base station network in place but can’t reach some buildings because of line-of-site issues? SPEEDLAN 9000 can help you solve this problem by filling in shadows for ISPs or carriers already using MMDS, LMDS, or unlicensed base stations. Through mesh technology, the 9000 can route your signal around obstructions like hills, trees, or larger buildings, which may be preventing some locations from communicating directly with a base station.

Campus, Business Park,and Residential Applications
With mesh technology, localized deployments in a campus, business park, apartment complex, or residential neighborhood are easier than ever. Unlike base station or access point products, no line-of-sight analysis is needed to determine if the building can “see” back to a base station. If you can “see” any other building already on the mesh network, you’re connected! And,as an added benefit, each new building added to a mesh network expands your ability to connect even more buildings. Deployment time per building can be cut to an hour or less, dramatically decreasing deployment costs.

Leased Line Replacement for Your Entire Organization
Using a simple point-to-point link, you can connect buildings up to 25 miles apart at LAN speeds. With less than a day ’s work, you can eliminate leased line charges, increase connectivity speed and productivity, and take control over your building-to-building communications . With a SPEEDLAN 9000 base station, you can connect up to 100 remote buildings to a central location. Schools,hospitals,and banks can benefit by increasing connection speed between buildings and reducing or even eliminating leased line fees. Users in multiple buildings throughout an organization can now share Internet access through a central site, increasing control and security while reducing costs. By giving network users in remote buildings the bandwidth required for video conferencing, Voice over IP, and interactive collaboration on projects, enterprise customers can increase operational efficiencies through their organization.

Up to the Challenge
With its unique combination of configuration options, SPEEDLAN 9000 provides the flexibility, scalability and power you require. Whether you need to connect two buildings across a parking lot or want deploy a complex wireless metropolitan area network, SPEEDLAN 9000 has the features you need in a single affordable package.

SPEEDLAN 9000 Features

SPEEDLAN 9000 Benefits

Building-to-building Backbone
The most basic topology is a simple point-to-point connection between two buildings. A fixed wireless building-to-building connection is a common alternative to leased lines and trenching cable or fiber. A SPEEDLAN 9000 point-to-point link can be installed in as little as a few hours and connect buildings up to 25 miles apart. With a Return on Investment (RoI) of as little as a month or two, and bandwidth more than 7 times that of a leased T1, SPEEDLAN 9000 is an excellent building-to-building broadband solution.

Star Topology
For applications that require connecting multiple buildings, a star topology may be the best choice. In this model, one SPEEDLAN 9000 unit acts as a “polling” central base station while the other units are configured as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). By implementing our K2 polling protocol, SPEEDLAN 9000 overcomes problems inherent to 802.11-based product with hidden transmitters. Because the polling protocol eliminates any possibility of CPE devices transmitting at the same time, it solves the problem of multiple CPE causing “self-interference” within the network. Highly scalable, each SPEEDLAN 9000 base station can serve up to 100 remote buildings at a time, and can be over subscribed by as much as 5 to 1 for ISP applications. Once a SPEEDLAN 9000 star network is installed, our K2 protocol takes the guesswork out of optimizing bandwidth usage. Using intelligent polling, the base station monitors activity from each CPE and optimizes the bandwidth for each remote location. Through dynamic bandwidth allocation, remote buildings with a heavy traffic load are polled more frequently than buildings with a light traffic load. Users across the network will enjoy reliable, high availability bandwidth like never before.

Mesh Topology
Using a mesh topology, SPEEDLAN 9000 allows customers to rapidly deploy broadband wireless networks without having to define a central site for a base station or analyze line-of- sight requirements back to the base station . With mesh, each SPEEDLAN 9000 router will communicate with every other mesh node within an unobstructed 1/4 to a 1/2 mile radius. This creates a multi-hop IP routed cloud: self-healing, load balancing, and scalable up to 100 nodes within each mesh cloud. In the enterprise, SPEEDLAN 9000 mesh provides a platform for rapidly connecting multiple remote buildings when the use of a base station isn’t possible. Mesh gives you the ability to connect more users, in more buildings, while dramatically reducing or eliminating leased line costs. For broadband service providers, SPEEDLAN 9000 mesh greatly decreases the need for truck-rolls, reduces installation time and long-term maintenance costs. With a robust, self-healing broadband wireless mesh network, you’ll be able to serve more customers with more bandwidth than ever before. Separate multi-user and residential models are designed specifically to meet the connectivity demands for everyone from single users to large corporations . With 11 Mb/s of wireless bandwidth, SPEEDLAN 9000 is the most flexible, robust, high-performance mesh solution on the market today.

Advanced Features

Network Management
SPEEDView is a flexible Windows-based network management tool that allows you to quickly isolate and resolve network problems. SPEEDView gives you an “ at a glance” view of your network, presenting you all of the nodes currently on network within any star or mesh network cell. Network managers can monitor and control management functions for local and remote SPEEDLAN 9000 nodes from a central location or from any location on the network. Check your network operations quickly with a dynamic gr aphical user interface, viewing the performance of network links through an easy to read gr aphical format. SPEEDView uses display lines to indicate direct line-of-sight connections, obstructed connections (due to network bugs or improper mounting of the antenna) and non-existent physical connections. These indicators will help managers troubleshoot antenna alignment and locate blocked nodes, so that paths can be re-routed for successful connectivity. You can also view and configure many parameters and services for the 9000 node by double-clicking any 9000 node in the network diagram, which opens a web-based browser. SPEEDLAN 9000 Configurat or, is a web-based management system that allows a network manager to configure and monitor IP addressing, set security parameters, set data rate and frequency, or perform bandwidth and diagnostic tests.

SPEEDLAN 9000 series products present an unparalleled level of performance and features, including Network Address Translation (NAT) and Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server. NAT increases network security and allows the occupants of an entire building to share a single global IP address. DHCP server allows IP addresses to be assigned dynamically at the remote building. Distributing these administrative functions to each remote building significantly reduces the “administrative overhead” traffic that must travel back to the service provider’s headquarters.

Ruggedized, Outdoor Mount Chassis
The SPEEDLAN 9000 series is housed in a weatherproof, sealed , molded metal housing that mounts outside the building on a mast or tower. The 9000 series allows up to 300’ of specialized , outdoor Ethernet cable to be used between the LAN and the RF device, without introducing loss of any radio signal. This increases the effective wireless link distance and reduces or even eliminates the need for an amplifier.

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