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Submersible to 160 feet, Self-illuminating Color Video Inspection Camera.
Model # icam-125-Color.
Real time video
inspection of hard to reach locations, as small as 1.25 inch diameter.
Color 1.25" Diameter 2.6" Long.
Goes in tight places & Sees in total darkness.
Front view
Power supply

Purchase includes;
Video Inspection camera with 8 built in headlights.
160 feet of connection cable.
120 VAC to 12 VDC power supply.
A great value.
Side view
LEDs on
Close-up view of Inspection Camera. Insert shows how bright the LEDs are.
Notice the mount tabs on rear, they can be bent to suit most purposes.
Rear view.
What you get
Icam125 Color, Comes with 160 feet of cable.
Click for Accessories that work with the Icam125.
Submersible to 160 feet, IP68
520 lines of resolution.
Minimum Illumination 0 lux with 8 LED headlamps.
Dimensions 1.25" Diameter 2.6" Long.
8 built-in white LED headlights with adjustable brightness.
100 degree field of view.
Focus 2 inches to infinity.
Video Out Connector RCA or BNC.
Video Out Level 1.0 Vpp 75 ohm.
Electronic Auto Shutter, 1/3" Sony CCD
Power- DC jack 2.1 mm, Consumption 130 mA.
Operating Temperature, 35 F to 115 F.
120 VAC, 12 VDC supply included (UL & CUL).
Stainless steel housing, Chrome finish, Camera weight 2 oz.
back off
Back of camera unscrewed, showing removable mounting bracket.
Threads Thread dimensions on the rear of the camera that holds the bracket.

The Major diameter is 1.78 CM
The Minor diameter is 1.7 CM
The Pitch is 1 MM
Overall the camera is
1.25" Diameter and 2.6" Long.

1. Connect the RCA video output to any monitor or video device that will accept a composite video signal.
2. Connect the supplied AC / DC transformer to the DC power jack.
There is no power switch, so the Video Inspection Camera is "on" as soon as you connect power.
3. Use the control on the cord (close to the RCA connector) to adjust the LED brightness.
Use the mount (on the back of the camera) as a means to attach the camera to your extension pole.
Not for Medical or Veterinary use.
Not for dangerous environments such as high voltage, explosive, moving machinery, etc.
Think about your safety before you put any video inspection camera in any location.
Caution do not put the inspection camera (or yourself) in dangerous locations, such as moving machinery, near electricity or gasoline etc. The flying debris or shock may hurt or kill. Remember the icam video cable conducts electricity like a metal pole.
Note: This camera must be connected to a "video" input. It will not produce an image when connected to a cable TV or RF input. This high quality Video Inspection Camera is sturdy but please protect it from static discharge, physical damage etc.
icam-121-Color, Video Inspection Camera, Self-illuminating.


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