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BROULLEUR ALARME GSM, ANTIBROUILLEUR, brouillage alarme sans fil

anti brouillage centrale d'alarme sans fil 3G GSM

 INFERNO France sound barriers


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  Inferno Intenso

New and improved - Inferno Intenso can function as a Sound Barrier or as a traditional siren. Inferno Intenso effectively stops intruders in their tracks by generating a patented unbearable pattern, frequency and intensity noise. Sound Barrier mode is achieved by pairs or arrays of units. In siren mode, a single Inferno Intenso covers areas up to 70 square meters/ 750 square feet. Larger areas can be covered with several units. Inferno Intenso replaces the successful Inferno Mini which is mounted everywhere from the small tobacco shop in England to the summer house in the Swedish archipelago to the Russian nuclear weapon storages.